How we support you

We are deeply committed to this mission by providing services to support healthy French Bulls both in and after our care. Basically, we do the heavy work first. This means you can find the right Frenchie for you with trust and ease. All of our puppies come with a full set of vaccinations, including 1 Parvo vaccine and 2 DHPR boosters, the rabies vaccine if the puppies are 12 weeks or older, the deworming shot, and a microchip placement. We also guarantee a 12-month health guarantee against any genetic illness for each puppy (see Terms of Purchase and Guarantee for further details). In addition, we provide 12 months of support to answer any questions or issues you might have with your French Bulldog. Yea, told you we’re committed. And with shipping all over the USA, it can’t get any easier than that! What are you waiting for? Let us help you find and welcome home your new Frenchie baby.

How we do it

Our French Bulldogs are international travelers. They arrive from Hungary ready to show their affectionate selfs. These puppies never fly as newborns though, we make sure of that. They patiently wait until they’re 10 to 12 weeks before flying and making their strides to sunny California. Once here, they take a short rest for 5 days before meeting you, their new owner! During this 5 days period, however, we check the condition of each Frenchie. This includes veternarian health and well-being check-ins. You would think they get nervous at the vet, but we think they get more nervous, the excited kind, right before you pick them up. We cannot wait for you to experience love at first sight with your new pup!

What to note

Here at, it is important to set trust and satisfaction with our pet owners. For this reason, we have set terms and conditions to ensure high quality care of our puppies before they leave our doors and venture out into their new homes with you! Please read these terms below.

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